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Personal Training services in a 1400 sq ft. private studio with ample free parking. No membership required. Studio is fully equipped with commercial grade equipment to offer clients the necessary building blocks to accomplish set goals.

Free Consultations - includes a personal meeting to discuss goals and pricing with training packages to fit your budget

Competition coaching and prep - men and woman 's bodybuilding -physique -figure -bikini

One on one personal training - weight loss -lean muscle mass -endurance -wellness (competitive and non competitive)

Personalized training programs and balanced meal plans -specifically designed for those that are self motivated and need guidance only.

All clients are given due care and attention with a complete confidential and comprehensive assessment package kept on file that includes weekly weigh in used for guideline only. Monthly photo, measurements and body fat analysis to monitor client progress.

This fitness facility is also available to utilize by other independent personal trainers to rent on an hourly basis to enhance their own personal training businesses. Please contact for details.





Robin Freitas


Just before my 40th birthday, I decided I truly wasn't happy with the way I felt or looked. As a single mom, I wasn't heading in the right direction with regard to my physical health. I realized that I have to be around for a long time, to be there for my daughter. It was then that I started to change my eating habits and improve my physical fitness. I joined a gym, started kickboxing and then moved on to weight training. I lost 40 pounds over the course of a year and couldn't have felt better. Not only did I become healthier and stronger, I also gained confidence, with a positive outlook on life.

I later met Sally who helped me further my ambitions to possibly compete and become a personal trainer as well.

I love being able to take all that I've learned and pass my knowledge of health and fitness on to others who are trying to meet their personal goals. Truly rewarding!


Robin (Certified Personal Trainer)
*Specializing in weight loss & resistance training





Cindy Mckeown


Assistant Manager/Fitness Assessor









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